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With the massive shift to Ecommerce over the last couple of years, trying to stay in business is becoming more difficult. Most brick and mortar stores are a little hesitant to make the shift to online selling. They feel it is just a hassle to get it all set up and not to mention the costs. Then they have to think about how people will find them and all the added expenses that come with the online branch of their business. 

We get it! It may seem overwhelming and a little too much for your all ready jam packed days. That is why we have created The Botiga, the online shopping mall. 

This is an online shopping mall not a marketplace, you may be thinking what is the difference, well let me explain. 

An online mall is more often than not, confused with an e-commerce marketplace. This is because the underlying objective of providing the consumer with a one-stop shopping experience, across both these platforms is the same. Both these business models provide the audience the access to a collection of various products belonging to different vendors, brands or categories. 

The Website
The Botiga, is a network of websites and our store becomes part of that network. Your store can be access through the main site taking advantage of all the built in traffic, or accessed directly.
A marketplace is a single e-commerce website which sells products or services that belong to various third-party vendors.
Classification and Branding
In an online shopping mall, such as The Botiga,  a particular brand or shop has a dedicated subsite or web page which is tailored to the brands’ custom requirements and hence facilitates branding.
Marketplaces also support search filtering and classification based on product categories or brands, but the vendors are not given an exclusive page or control over how their products are showcased or displayed.
The Botiga provides the online stores with the required payment gateways but does not have anything to do with the monetary transactions between the vendor and the customer.
All the transactions on the marketplace website are processed through the website owner. The payment happens at a single point and is then distributed among the different vendors.
Pricing Models
The Botiga charges a monthly fee that covers it all; hosting, advertising, SEO, social shopping channels, maintenance and design if requested. We are an all-in-one solution and never charge transaction fees or commissions!
Marketplaces, such as Amazon, E-bay, and Etsy however, charge commissions or transaction fees for each product sold on the website. They may also make money out of Ads, featured listings or Membership fees. 

We built to provide you will all the tools and features retail businesses need to open their own online store, and get sales fast. Everything from creating your site to finding products and tracking orders can be done in just a few clicks. We want you to succeed. 

The Botiga is a premium and affordable shopping mall that is compatible with mobile devices. We offer a full-service solution for your brick and mortor or online business looking to increase their sales revenue. 

Working with the Botiga not only increases your presence but it allows you to concentrate on what you do best!

What are you waiting for, The Botiga offers an all inclusive experience so you can focus on your business and we will focus on the hassle of your online division without a massive price tag!

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