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We build your Shop

$ 950.00

Join The Botiga!

Enjoy an all inclusive E-Commerce Solution. If you have been considering taking your store online or would just like an all included solution you have come to the right place!

Our Build your own shop package includes everything you need to set up your store and start selling.

So what does the build your own shop include that makes it different.

  • Fully functioning Ecommerce site with all inventory loaded.
  • Fully Training
  • Designed to your specifications and branding
  • Your own payment portal – We don’t process payments, you do so all of your sale goes to you no hidden processing fees and no percentage of sale nonsense. All you have to do is connect your payment provider and your sales go right into your bank account
  • All digital advertising – your package includes all digital advertising including social media, google ads, google shopping campaigns
  • Facebook Shop
  • Instagram Shopping
  • Pinterest Shopping
  • Google Shopping
  • SEO – all your SEO is handled for you
  • The space in the mall that comes with built in traffic, enjoy sales you never had to do anything to get
  • All maintenance on your site, set up your site and we make sure it is in tip top condition.
  • Hosting – we host your store on our powerful servers so you don’t have to worry about it.

Imagine the beauty of launching your store, in a space with built in traffic and all the marketing and maintenance of your site is handled for you. No additional marketing required!

All of this would cost you  a minimum $5,000 for your store and $2,500 a month to get going. Avoid the hassle and you could get your first sale when you hit publish!

Pay just $950 a month, for the first 2 years and the $675 a month after.

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